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drink me: inama carmenere

photogrape: Carmenere – usually super inky and thick, but this one’s lightened up with 30% Merlot

producer: Inama

country: Italy

region: Colli Berici DOC zone, east of the Soave area

year: 2009

yum factors: This has that cocoa and a touch of black pepper that Carmenere usually has, but it’s so much lighter and softer with the dark plum from the Merlot. Definitely not stain-your-teeth territory like most Carms. Really delicious.

price: $20

buy it: here


11 thoughts on “drink me: inama carmenere

  1. I’m a Somm at an Italian Restaurant and we serve this wine. I’m a big fan of Inama. I recommend this to guests who order our Tri-Tip steak served with Arugula.

  2. I first had carmenere when I visited Chile last year and loved it. I haven’t found one that I like yet but will look out for this one, your description sounds delicious.

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