getting your grape on

getting your grape on: april

Well spring finally sprang – and so did a lot of corks. It was a crazy month so let’s get right to it!

LOVE when people tag me in Mouton pics because I’m obsessed with seeing all the artist-created labels!mouton

Looove that Marie-Laure discovered Kerner – such a great crisp white from Alto Adige.kerner

Lillet pops?? Yes, please. Libbie was making these and tagged me – I’m now doing wine pairings for her gorgeous blog Salted & Styled, although I don’t think Lillet pops need a wine pairing…photo 5

Awaiting for the verdict on this one. Very dubious of these low-cal wines. Wine doesn’t have that many calories! Just make it 1

Nothing makes me happier than people who tag me in stuff they’ve read about on grapefriend – this month we got some fun ones: Bota Box form Green Week and everyone’s fave wine sippy cup!bota 1 bota 2sippy cups

Andrew went to the oldest wine store in Paris. Still waiting to hear what present I’m getting.a lee paris

Kerry asked a very silly question:photo 1 (5)

And, our very first book tag! This is a really great read, too – highly recommend (and apparently so does Jordan).vinegar

Wine is often best paired with food, so it’s awesome that people are tagging me in their full dinner pics. Mostly steak.steak 2steak

Love this quote – words to live by indeed.leah

Last but obviously not least – our Grapefriend of the Month is Katie from Oregon! She drinks tons of awesome Willamette Pinots that make me super jealous, like this one:photo 5 (5)

Check them all out and everyone else’s other pics in the slideshow below (some really great bottles this month). Keep the tags coming on Instagram and Twitter – tags almost doubled this month. Drink well and have fun, grapefriends!

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5 thoughts on “getting your grape on: april

  1. 3 “Getting My Grape ON” thoughts from April…
    1. I attended the Baldwin Wine Fest
    2. A friend gave me a wine glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine!
    3. I booked a dinner train ride that I am hoping they can pair a good wine with the chicken I selected.
    Grapefriend – I enjoyed your Instragram post! Have a great Thirsty Thursday!

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