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grapefriend’s top 10 posts of the year

What a year for grapefriend. I’ve had so much fun sharing the love of the grape with everyone. People loved all sorts of different posts each month, but here are the top 10 posts of 2012!

victor cruz salsa dance10 you deserve a grape today, victor cruz!: Ah, to be back in last football season when the Giants were on their way to winning the Super Bowl. Alas, it’s not meant to be again this year, but I’m happy that another city’s fans will be as ecstatic as I was. Victor Cruz may not have had as many 80-yard touchdowns, but he’s proven to be a stand-up guy as well as a great athlete – and we still love the salsa touchdown dance!

blue ivy carter – she’s just like wine!: Hove + B = this tyke gets major hits

sports illustrated swimsuit bomb: Ew, I mean I think you’ll be able to tell how I feel about this whole thing just by reading the post. Unless it only had hits because it was Mark Sanchez-related. Then I’m ok with it.

cartier champagnecartier, clou & champagne: I thought this was pretty interesting. People asked me where they can buy this Cartier Champagne (you can’t) and people searching for it online get directed to this post on a weekly basis. Cartier, take note…

gisele grabs grapes for football: Gonna chalk this one to people hating on the Pats and loving on pics of Gisele. Obviously, I commend her actions.

lana del rey was maderized: SNL disaster or not, this girl really has a ton of heat – exactly what this post was all about.

mad men catcher in the ryemad men: the catcher in the whiskey: Definitely one of my favorite posts all year, and one of my favorite episodes of Mad Men ever. Loved doing the weekly tally of how much wine they were (or weren’t) drinking on Mad Men last season, but I’m glad this post was the most popular instead of just the one about how Megan was the biggest grapefriend on the show. But congrats to her, of course.

why courtney wins the bachelor: Another TV show wine recap that I did, though for Marie Claire. This grapefriend post was just an overall recap calculating Courtney’s utter grapefriendiness and how it made her perfect for winemaker Ben, at least for a few months…

2 the bachelor: grapefriend’s newest hero: I can not even believe that not one but two Bachelor posts are in the Top 10 – and at spots 2 and 3! Ugh. At least this one had awesome info about Ben’s grapey contract.

1 the thirst games: I have to say, this was maybe my fave post of the year, and apparently everyone else’s too! It got over 4 times the hits of any other post ever on grapefriend. These Hunger Games fans are no joke, and I hope I brought a little grape fun to their lives (and I hope some of them were over 21!).

hunger games-katniss wine

I’d just want one more post to have made it to the Top 10 – the one about stomping grapes in Portugal, since it was such an awesome trip and an amazing experience. Other than that I’m actually pretty happy with this list! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.


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