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cartier, clou & champagne

Things I currently need more of in my life:

  1. sleep
  2. Viognier
  3. Champagne made mostly from Pinot Meunier

this is the fancy fancy one in a crystal bottle

I can probably get the first two. The third is a little harder to come by, although apparently everyone who went to the Cartier after-party last night had it handed to them on a platter (literally). Apparently, Cartier has its own Champagne and after doing a little digging it doesn’t seem like you can buy it, but there’s a Cuvée De Cartier Champagne Brut 100th anniversary one in a crystal bottle and a regular “private party” Cartier Champagne Brut.

this is the “slumming it” one

It’s made of mostly Pinot Meunier, which is pretty rare – Champagne’s usually a combo of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and the PM fills in just a little bit. But I had an all-Meunier one a few months ago and it was so delicious with a beautiful lilac nose (Meunier traditionally adds a lot of perfumey scent to a Champagne blend).

The bash was for the launch of Juste Un Clou, Cartier’s new nail-shaped bracelet, where people also heard a little perf by Jay-Z protégé Rita Ora. Jay made an appearance with Beyonce, but no word on how he felt about the non-Armand de Brignac Champagne, since we know how much he loves that one. But kudos to Fashion Etc for intrepidly reporting this grapefriendy detail from the frontlines!

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26 thoughts on “cartier, clou & champagne

  1. It was a gift from Cartier. I have come across it on several websites which made me think it was for sale. I would be interested in selling if anyone wants it!

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  3. Hej! Har en flaska cartier champagne brut rose i kristallflaskan. Vet någon om det går att köpa fler sådana o vad priset kan vara?

  4. I have a 100th Anniversary bottle of Cartier Champagne in a lovely crystal bottle for sale if anyone is interested in buying it, it would make an amazing 18 or 21 party or even be put away for the future as I am sure the price will increase in time. It was a gift to my husband from Cartier but something so nice would be wasted on us. Live in London

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