pop grape / stars - they're just like wine!

at the drive in – they’re just like wine!

When I worked at MTV all the guys would literally joke (aka threaten) that I would have to go cover Bonnaroo. The thought of me CAMPING in a random field in TENNESSEE waiting around in the dust for Death Cab to come on provided much amusement for everyone. I was never threatened with Coachella, which seemed far more do-able though I never wound up going. Anyway, it’s this weekend and I actually would be totally psyched to see the reunited At the Drive In, who I had a period of mild obsession with when Relationship of Command came out back in – holy shit – 2000.

If you are ever angry, I highly recommend slapping some earbuds into your ears and letting loose with this album. By track 3 you’ve worked through a lot of aggression – completely booming and cathartic, with moments of really beautiful stuff in between the screams.

It is clear that what you’d need to pair this album with is some Vin Jaune. Maybe you’ve never heard of it. It’s an obnoxious little wine from the Jura in France, made from the temperamental Savagnin grape. It’s the process that makes it even nuttier (literally): after fermentation, the wine is stored in big barrels with a little air at the top. For six years, oxygen gets all up in its grill and makes it nutty and weird. It completely smells like Indian spices like curry and turmeric. Sommeliers love this stuff – it’s a perfectly quirky, intellectual taste you need to acquire. But once you do maybe you’ll love it too, paired with some funky cheeses or walnuts.

The color is a mustardy yellow (hence the “jaune”) and kind of reminds you of liver bile (anger symbol, yo). And as if you needed any further proof that this is the perfect wine for At the Drive In, their album cover is the color of Vin Jaune! Totally didn’t even realize this til I was uploading the photo. Done and done.


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