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wine angels

courtesy: reuters

In grapefriend’s world, absolutely anyone who serves me wine is an angel. But in some restaurants, Wine Angel is an actual job title.

I first heard about wine angels when Aureole opened in Vegas. These women get strapped into a harness and are lifted up a huge wall of wine to grab whatever bottled was just ordered at a table. Many actually do performances in the wine tower, flipping all ballet-like, and there are a bunch of videos on YouTube where you can see them in action:

Pretty cool! And pretty necessary, since Aureole has over 30,000 bottles of pretty sick wine.

Then I read about Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne after-party at Tao last weekend, where a “bottle fairy” brought over bottles of Armand de Brignac Champagne to his table all night. Once again, it’s good to be Jay-Z. Or his tablemate.

Holla, Hova. You are a true grapefriend.

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