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no one offered madonna champagne

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I know Bubbly Week was last week, but it’s holiday season and the bubbly stories keep pouring in!

So Madonna let her love of bub be known at the NYC Cinema Society screening of W.E., her directorial debut. It’s about a New York woman who’s obsessed with Wallis Simpson, a chick King Edward III abdicated his throne for – but enough about that. No one has offered me Champagne yet,” Madonna said before the film, “so I have to sit through this final screening sober.” grapefriend nightmare!

Maybe it was because there wasn’t any Champagne! At the after-party, there was only Woodbridge sparkling wine – it’s Mondavi’s cheapest line of wines, and the sparkling wine’s about 10 bucks. I get that these events are sponsored and all, but no one better stepped up? It’s Madonna! Veuve Clicquot sponsored the after party for Meryl Streep’s Iron Lady premiere. Plus, the guest list at any Cinema Society party is usually pretty swank – this one included Anderson Cooper, Donna Karan, Manolo Blahnik, Valentino and chicest of all chic guests, Tony Danza! Now maybe I can picture the Ton tippling on some Woodbridge, but Madonna and Valentino? At least serve Prosecco like everyone else in New York.

That said, I do sort of dig the description on the Woodbridge sparkling wine website, which encourages you to “celebrate the joy of every day. Your boss was transferred to Beijing. You almost hit a hole in one. It’s hump day. What better reason to celebrate?” For every day, $10 is more than affordable. For Madonna’s directorial debut, thinking you’d spring for a little more.


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