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why courtney wins the bachelor

On last night’s “Women Tell All,” it was Courtney against every other woman (although according to her, they’re not even women, they’re girls – I tend to agree). Anyway, it was pretty much a flogging. Throughout the season, I’ve always loved Courtney’s grapefriendliness. As one of 10+ girls competing for the affection of a winemaker, a girl should always have glass in hand. And that Courtney did.

In last night’s meantage of all the nasty thing she said about the other (many of whom are totes lame) chicks, we had quite an ode to her masterful machinations:

“oh, i have a rose”

a rare white wine in her hand – but anything for ben

“how’d that feel coming out of your mouth?” not as good as the wine going in it!

laughing at Emily, The One Who Dared Dis Me

bikini AND red wine? ben is done.

pre-skinnydipping wine.

picnic wine

wine with dinner. but that’s a duh.

ben brought this wine on their hike, but she drank it too so I’m putting it in

wine against the skyline. cool shot.

I think we know who’s “winning!” And I think we know who’s not:

water drinkers don’t snag the bachelor


14 thoughts on “why courtney wins the bachelor

  1. Very True. She can be his new wine model. Trying on wedding dresses holding a class of wine, and walking his dog holding a class of wine. Wine-ing ! I think she has great sublime humour. Ben gets her quirkiness….unintelligent catty jealous bullies do not ! Team Courtney. When you go on the Bachelor you already know women will be chatty….calling someone a stripper while you are stripping yourself is kind of funny.

  2. Without Courtney, there wouldn’t have been a show. She’s funny. She entertained herself with her words and her actions, when there was no one else around to entertain her. Get over yourselves “the rest of you bachelorettes”. Don’t you ever talk to yourselves when you’re bored and say things, maybe you shouldn’t have said. BooHoo…her words got caught on tape. You were so boring, the cameras didn’t follow the rest of you around to get your nasty words caught on tape. Team Courtney!

    • TOTALLY agree – most of the other girls were so boring, and not just as far as entertaining tv. Why would any guy be into such watery personalities? Courtney was harsh, but not much more than I’ve seen some girls act… Courtney’s at least interesting, has a sick body and is a grapefriend!

  3. The girls weren’t boring. They were jealous bitches who knew Ben fell for Courtey from Day 1, They did everything they could to try to turn Ben against her, in hopes that he’d want one of them…HA. LOL!!! Why drive a Rabbit when you can drive a Jaguar?

  4. I think Courtney definitely wants to be “the one”. But, it could be for all the wrong reasons. One thing that goes against her is the bad side of her personality against the other girls. She is not respectful toward the other girls and this may be an indication of her attitude toward other people in general. She definitely has a character flaw, and I see her having the ability to make a man’s life miserable.

  5. Say what you will, she made some valid points about how to snag a man– short term at least.
    I don’t like her, but she certainly knew what she was doing and it was educational to watch her masterfully turn group dates into 1 – 1 dates.

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