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opposite night on the bachelor finale

So as was heavily rumored, Ben chose Courtney last night on The Bachelor. That wasn’t surprising to me since she played a masterful game of “wed the winemaker” all season – except for last night. Suddenly she’s all, “Oh, I’ll just have coffee” while Lindzi’s all “Let’s day drink!” Maybe this, however, was Courtney’s masterstroke in front of the family. Let’s recap:

First, it’s all going great on Meet the Flajniks, starring Lindzi. Future sisters-in-law can be such good grapefriends! :

lindzi bachelor

they drink...

and they clink!

So it was looking great for Lindzi, and then the fam tries to hate on Courtney and doesn’t even drink wine with her. That’s like the ultimate Flajnik insult:

there literally has not been anything in Courtney's hand but a wine glass all season, until now

Then Ben takes Lindzi on the last death-defying date in a gondola, precariously suspended mid-air like maybe he wants to push her out the door or even fatally jump himself. But on this death trap, he serves her wine:

ben has more love in his gaze for the matterhorn - but she's trying to change that with white wine

And finally, he takes Courtney on one last mountaintop picnic where they have some orangey drink. Could’ve been mimosas, but Ben doesn’t even make a sparkling so we know his heart’s with still wine.

weird orange potion that sealed the deal

So it was all just very confusing. But so were the capes.

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