sporty grape / stars - they're just like wine!

wide receivers – they’re just like wine!

OK, so since last year quarterbacks got the love with this post, thought it was time to go a little wider. Yes, I just made a cheesy pun. But it works. So here are the top-ranked wide receivers and their appropriate grapey pairing!

calvin johnson, lions

calvin johnson lions cabernetCalvin’s like minimum 100 yards per game – big time, baby, you gotta go Cabernet. And just like so many of the retired NFLers tend to do with their wine, we’ll head to Napa where the Cab is big, booming, full of intense fruit, and long on the finish.

jordy nelson, packers

jordy nelson packers merlotGuy got 15 touchdowns last year, and has Rodgers throwing to him. Pretty good combo, just like a classic Bordeaux blend. Jordy’s the Merlot that rounds out Rodgers’ Cab-like solid structure. Merlot grapes ripen early in the season – so if you’re a Packers fan or own him in fantasy, you’re gonna hope he doesn’t mimic merlot in that way.

wes welker, pats

Wes-Welker patriots rieslingNot always the main priority for Brady, but gets the job done when he gets the touch. He’s small, he’s scrappy, he’s just like a Finger Lakes Riesling. You’d normally go to Germany or Alsace for the sickest Rieslings ever, but when you cruise to the Finger Lakes you get some really nice, dry, acidic ones like Red Newt or Dr. Frank that always do you right.

victor cruz, giants (DUH)

victor cruz salsa tempranilloWhen you’re ending 80-yard touchdowns with a crowd-rollicking salsa dance, you gotta go Spanish. Something spicy and with lots of length – Tempranillo is the perfect match! The prime use of the grape has been in Rioja blends, which makes total sense because the Cruz-Nicks receiving duo is a team that rocks it (not this past Wednesday, but usually!).

larry fitzgerald, cardinals

larry fitzgerald cardinals sauvignon blancHe’s still pretty solid, but scored way more touchdowns when Kurt Warner was the QB. Only time will tell if he’s past his prime. Similarly, Sauvignon Blanc sales have taken a dip in the past few years due to the rise of other grapes (Moscato, cough/barf/cough). Save us from Moscato, Larry!


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