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they’re serving gnarly wine at the us open

gnarly head zinfandel us open wineThey’re serving Gnarly Head wine at the US Open. My friend sent me this pic of her juice, and she was not in love. This is a friend who only drinks red wine, and I’m trying to get her to be more open to white 1) because some are phenomenal and 2) for moments like this.

I happened to have just received a bottle of red and white Gnarly Head wine. I gotta agree with her on the Zin – didn’t like it. But to my utter surprise, the Pinot Grigio wasn’t half bad! Kind of tangy and citrusy, and none of the vomitous aftertaste that often makes PG my mortal enemy. We all know I don’t love PG, but for $10 you could do way worse. Unless you’re at the Open, where it’s $12 for that pathetic little plastic cup…

gnarly head pinot grigio


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