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rich kids drinking on instagram

This Tumblr “Rich Kids of Instagram” went up two weeks ago, and it is amazing. Private jets, Hamptons houses, ocean backflips out of helicopters, partying with large-format bottles of bubbly. Basically, mildly nauseating and everything you’d like to be doing right now. Grapefriend has been obsessed with all the pics of these kids wielding Dom like Diet Coke. Let’s have a look at a few of the choicest:

“Coming back from Vegas with a souvenir #domrose #privatejet” by pburrows

This looks more like Dom Perignon with the red Andy Warhol label than #domrose. But hey, I’m cool with either.

by jaybi_

His tongue is weird.

“#pool party with the homies #success” by sshayan

Can’t tell what kind of wine this is. Could be a crisp Sav Blanc, though I prob would’ve gone with rosé. Dying over that house.

“$4000 bottle of champagne bitch. Our table is boss.” by killerandasweetthang

Perrier Jouet costs way less than $4,264.98 in the store. Table service is the biggest waste of money, but obv they don’t need to care.

“#fatitalian eating #burgerking and #champagne” by zackissilly

Zack is silly? No. Zack is awesome. Champagne with fast food is the perfect pairing – the bubbles and acid cut right through all that yummy grease. It’s also very Myles from Sideways – he pulled out a bottle of Cheval Blanc with his fast food burger.

“A walk on the beach ☀” by barronhilton

Brother of Paris and Nicky sipping some white on the beach. Shorts = killing me.

“Thank god our best friend is wearing a seatbelt” by christycham

NOT grapefriends.  Don’t like them.

“A little Dp in the gravy is always good.” by hbadessa

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: anyone rich enough to cook with Dom is someone I want to be friends with. #nojudgement

“suite bosses” by bigappleboy

BY FAR my favorite on the whole Tumblr. So Rules of Attraction meets Less Than Zero. Not sure why they’re slumming it with Moet. Where’s the Dom?

Perhaps you think this is all senseless nonsense, a waste of life. No. We have key takeaways:

1) Rich kids are grapefriends.

2) I’m a rich kid, I just have less money.

3) I love every single one of these kids.

PS this one just got added – they’re now even hashtagging themselves

“@kiefer_cowie #richkidsofinstagram” by kevincowie


8 thoughts on “rich kids drinking on instagram

  1. Hilarious, and yet, not. I had the exact thought about the final pic before I scrolled down to your comments. I admit to a bit of jealousy, but mostly it makes my stomach turn. Half of me looks at that bar tab and thinks that I could build a rescue house in Haiti. The other half is craving champagne and thinking how much fun my best friend and I would have on this site. Super fun (and equally gaggy) post. 🙂

    • They could also be the biggest philanthropists by day, as many wealthy people are. Not that it’s documented via Instagram, but you never know. Then if they happen to pop open Dom every day, more power to them…

  2. You are absolutely right. Wealth can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. In fact, most of the wealthy people I know do wonderful things with what they have been given.

  3. Grapefriend, your comments are priceless. Particlarity like the washing hair with Veuve – is the rich version of Ke$ha brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack? My favorite pairing? Krug and potato chips. Cheers to you!

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