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rich kids still drinking on instagram

Sad summer’s over? Not as much as the Rich Kids of Instagram. Our last post was so full of grapefriendy fun I thought we’d check out what those crazy kids have been up to since we saw them last.

Let’s start with some Dom:

“Champagne showers. Take two. @didrikkrohg @felixusterud #rkoi #kragerø #DP” by oledemba

“3 bottles deep.” by shanova

Then we demote to Veuve:

“Loving Life #champagne #beach” by woshy

“Another Veuve breakfast #veuveclicquot #champagne #funemployed” by g_moneymoney

Suddenly we’re down to Moet:

“Monaco and Moet #monaco #nightclub” by marianoamoedo

But then back to Ace of Spades:

“#champagne #aceofspades #oceanclub” by marianoamoedo

These RKOI are really all about the bubbles. Actually, I didn’t see one glass of still wine. But you really need bubbles to smash against your yacht.

“Boat responsibly. #boat #champagne #guccilivin” by slipperyslevine

And just in case you didn’t think they were rich, they have proof.

“$100,000 receipt. #nikkibeach #sainttropez #redbull #dom #caviar” by nazam_nazou

“Balliinnn’ #bottles #alcohol #rkoi #richass #cashmoney” by lylajoy

“LOL get on my level #15klunches #greygoose #redbull” by romit711

I’ll end with what they apparently talk about at dinner: their every day is better than your best day.

“Our everyday is better than your best day. #rkoi #inappropriatedinnerconversation” by collinjohnstone

So remember that as you go to work! Until you realize you might actually be glad you’re not that rich, because then you might have to hang out with this:

“Playing My Pata Negra Guitar #1500dollarham” by marcodumenil


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