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bubbly celeb smackdown

Champagne does a much better job at marketing than wine does. They do more advertising, more events, and even sign up celebrity endorsers. Let’s take a look at some of them:

megan hilty nicolas feuillatte

hope she doesn’t smash that glass (ouch, i know)

megan hilty and nicolas feuillatte

She’s the blond girl on Smash, in case you’re one of the millions who don’t watch it. NF recently signed her up to be a brand spokesperson, calling her a “true Champagne enthusiast” in a press release. “I’m thrilled to be associated with Nicolas Feuillatte, as I enjoy Champagne so much and the rosé is one of my favorites!” Nothing wrong with that. Feuillate starts at $28 and has five varieties, including the Megan-fave rosé and a demi-sec (semi-sweet).

jay-z ace of spades champagnejay-z and armand de brignac

I think we’re all sick of this match up, but Jay-Z is a grapefriend. He’s catapulted this brand since ditching Cristal in 2006. The Armand de Brignac Cuvees start at $300 per bottle (though go wayyyy up from there) and come in three varieties: Champagne Rose, Champagne Blanc de Blanc, and the Brut Gold.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jay this happy, but that’s what champagne does to people!


scarlett johansson and moët

She hooked up with Moët  in 2009 and has done a bunch of cool campaigns and appearances for them. Moët starts at $40 and has about six non-vintage varieties.

I think the winning brand is Armand de Brignac: Jay-Z’s the most famous and would be able to have the widest influence. Allegedly he does make a profit off of it, so he’s not just a spokesperson. Who do you think is the best bubbly brand face?


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