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drink me: scott paul la paulée pinot noir

all “drink me” posts this week feature wines that are green in some way – they might not all have earthy notes, but they’re earth-friendly! 

grape: Pinot Noir

producer: Scott Paul. They’re organic and biodynamic, “utilizing practices that fully respect the earth and the chain of human lives that create, nurture, market and consume the wines.” Love that, and also love that one of their Core Values is “Fun.”

country: USA

region: Willamette Valley, Oregon

year: 2010

price: $36

yum factors: This is totally my new favorite Pinot Noir. I had it at a Willamette Valley tasting and this one was a stand out! Awesome concentrated cherry, cranberry and some earth, very juicy and deep. Mmmmm!

buy it: here


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