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grapes that give back

We all know drinking wine makes you feel good. Now just buying it makes you feel good too.

pine ridge

From April to June, Pine Ridge will donate $1 for every bottle of Chenin Blanc + Viognier sold (even in restaurants) to American Forests to plant up to 5,000 trees. At $14, I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on some – it’s sooo delicious. Great honeydew taste, and even though it’s only 21% Viognier that more than gives it the gorgeous perfumey bouquet Viognier’s known for.

trinity oaks

even their bottle tag is made from seed paper and can be planted

Their One Bottle One Tree program funds the planting of one tree for every bottle purchased of Trinity Oaks wine. Over 6.6 million trees have been planted already!

Trinity Oaks has been partnering with Tree for the Future for a while, an organization that helps communities around the world plant trees. Trinity Oaks are all around earth friends – they also practice sustainable farming, waste reduction, water conservation, recycling, solar energy and energy efficiency. They make six different kinds of wine which are only $9.

iron horse

So we’ve heard mostly about planting trees, but we’ve got a whole ocean to protect too! Here’s where Iron Horse gallops in to the rescue. Their 2007 Ocean Reserve is a Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine made in partnership with National Geographic to help save the ocean. It’s $40, and $4 of that goes to creating marine protected areas and supporting sustainable fishing practices around the world. The label has a cool Nat Geo underwater pic, and when you scan the back it links you to a video about the wine, the ocean’s role in the winery’s micro climate and sustainable seafood recipes (the wine was made to pair with seafood).

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