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sorry for party rocking, earth

earth day winery partyLots of cool Earth Day festivities are on tap this weekend – and they have wine! The Wine Institute is rocking a new campaign called “Down to Earth.” It’s a month-long celebration of California’s sustainable wineries, who’ll be doing cool little events.  here are just a few I thought sounded especially unique:

Riverbench Winery: They’re doing a Cork and Capsule Drive, where they’ll give a complimentary wine tasting for every bag of corks or capsules brought in. Corks will be sent to ReCORK org, a natural wine cork recycling program. Recycled cork can become flooring tiles, building insulation, automotive gaskets, craft materials, soil conditioner and sports equipment. Recycled capsules will be melted and reused in other tin products. Who knew?

Yorkville Cellars: This organic vineyard is letting guests be farmers for the day and helping them release hundreds of ladybugs, which naturally control unwanted pests. This will be an awesome Instagram pic opp!

Gloria Ferrer: All fall and winter they gathered seeds from Buckeye trees on the estate and planted them in recycled potting containers. Now anyone who visits the winery can get one of these saplings and take home as their own pet tree.

Niner Winery: They do sustainable stuff throughout the year like using light-weight packaging, capturing rainwater, and using renewable resources from wind and solar. And in April, anyone who bikes to Niner Wine Estates will get a complimentary wine tasting and 15% discount on wine purchases.

Lots more – details here!


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