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no, no nouveau

the duboeuf beaujolias nouveau's always have cute labels

Today’s the third Thursday of November, and that means you’ve probably seen or heard “Le Beaujolias Nouveau est arrivée!”

When I was younger these two guys I went to college with used to throw a Beaujolais Nouveau party every year in their little apartment, and it was always fun but I can’t say I remember the wine at all. Everyone’s saying the 2011 vintage is higher quality made from fewer grapes, but make no mistake: Beaujolias Nouveau is cheap wine meant to be drunk very young. With that in mind, have your party and have some fun. But grapefriend would suggest having one bottle of BN just as a guest of honor and then actually drinking a GOOD Beaujolais.

Other Beaujolais wines (which are all made from Gamay grapes only, btw) are either pretty pleasant or pretty amazing. Just a regular one (I bought this one from the Fleurie appellation) is great for everyday, light drinking, and then there are the Grand Cru’s which are complex and better. Beaujolais has 10 appellations that are allowed to be Grand Cru (I used to be able to name them all off the top of my head, but for now I’ll just throw out Moulin-a-Vent, Julienas and Fleurie), but these aren’t where the Nouveau comes from. Another cool fact is that Beaujolais is the only place aside from Champagne where it’s mandated that harvesting is done by hand (this preserves the grapes, among other things, but obv makes things a lot harder and therefore more expensive).

So don’t bash Beaujolias, but you probably want to nix the Nouveau. Then you can say, “My fabulous new palate est arrivée! Thanks to grapefriend, bien sûr!”


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