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drink me: clos de la roilette fleurie beaujolais

clos roilette fleurie beaujolaisgrape: Gamay

producer: Clos de la Roilette

country: France

region: Fleurie, in Beaujolais

year: 2010

price: $18

yum factors: Big fan of good Beaujolais – a good light and fruity red option for summer. I also love the appellation Fleurie there as you might remember, so when the guy at Anfora suggested I try it I was in. But when I took my first sip I was getting a weird taste – something kind of earthy but odd, and not what I was expecting. I sampled something else, but all of the sudden I kept thinking about the Beaujolais and wanted to try it again. So we wound up getting glasses of it and it was very cool – lots of light blackberries, but with some smoky/tobacco thing going on. Kind of feral and savage for Beaujolais – we were into it!

buy it: here


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