happy happy hour!

happy gamay happy hour!

gamayTechnically this went down yesterday, but you can take my drink choice and apply it to tonight’s happy hour! It’s still pretty nice out in NYC – not sweltering and not cold, which means the perfect time for a light red. People usually think Pinot Noir, but even lighter is Gamay.

Gamay is the grape that Beaujolais is made from. As we’ve discussed before, don’t let that turn you off – not all Beaujolias is “Nouveau,” which is picked and drunk immediately.  The one I had was from Fleurie, my favorite Beaujolais area. I tried it with another Beaujolais blind at the bar to compare, but I love Fleurie so went with that! Light, red berry, but still dry. Super with paté or just drinking by itself at happy hour.

PS a lot of people were asking about the ring. It’s a new fall purchase but unfortunately I got it at a really random little store on 14th Street, a no-name sort of deal where they were just all displayed on a tray and didn’t have a brand. I’ll do better next time for everyone’s purchasing needs…


8 thoughts on “happy gamay happy hour!

  1. have you had hervé souhaut’s La Souteronne? that was the wine that totally turned me around in my poorly-informed-distaste for gamay, because i hadn’t realized it could be so dirty tasting! (although sadly, a later experience with the same wine left me a little uninspired, but i shall still cherish it for smartening me up).

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