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It makes me very happy when my grapefriends alert me to wine news! So shout out to Higgins for bringing my attention to this new wine club, though he thinks it means a certain brand has jumped the shark (to which I say Duh). Anyway, now that all these bands are coming out with their own wines via Wines That Rock, Rolling Stone magazine is forming a wine club for fans of guitars and grapes. You get three different bottles of wine for $39.95, four times a year, plus a one year subscription to Rolling Stone. Not a bad price.

Band members don’t actually seem to have much participation in making these wines though – it’s basically just a name-licensing thing. The Wines That Rock winemaker Mark Beaman makes a different wine “inspired by” the bands and their albums. They did misspell Mick “Jaggar” on their website, which kind of salts their rock cred. But whatever, I’m all for the idea if they’re good wines. After reporting on the Grateful Dead Steal Your Face wines, grapefriend must investigate firsthand!


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