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heidi klum’s scary halloween wine

heidi pre-hob nob

So we already saw how Katy Perry was horrifyingly plied with Pinot Grigio on her own birthday, and then I read this thing about how Hob Nob wines did all sorts of wrong wine pairings.

Hob Nob sponsored Heidi Klum’s Halloween party – I know I’m way late on this news, but I’ve been travelling (and btw, I saw Hob Nob wine in this awesome wine carousel when I went out to dinner one night in Chicago’s Lincoln Park – it’s stalking me). So some Hob Nob dude did a short article for People.com where he paired wine with candy – a cute idea but I just don’t agree with the pairing suggestions.


hob nob: fruitier candy like gummy fish, gumdrops or candy corn. But avoid citrus or sour candy.

grapefriend: ok, their suggestions for this one aren’t awful but I’d go with peanut brittle. The fuller-bodied white would complement the oil in the peanuts, and if it’s a new world and more fruit-forward Chard that could be good for the honey.

pinot noir

hob nob: peanut and chocolate candy, the saltiness of the nuts bringing out rich flavors from the Pinot.

grapefriend: Pinot noir is a light red, so salty wouldn’t be my first idea. I’d go with raisinets – you want some chocolate (milk, not dark) and not too much of it (enter the raisins, which of course are just shriveled grapes!). Pinot is also famous for its cherry scents and taste, but as far as candy pairing think more dried cherries than cherry-flavored Twizzlers.


hob nob: hints of licorice make it perfect for almost any candy

grapefriend: Merlot to me has more hints of blueberries and plums, but those don’t really go in candy. Licorice to me would be better for the heartier Shiraz.


hob nob: chocolate – blackberry flavors in the wine pair with milk chocolate, caramels or chocolate-covered raisins

grapefriend: Dark chocolate, maybe even some licorice.

Now I will say pairing wine is mostly just personal preference, so experiment amongst yourselves. And then agree with me, of course hehe.


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