pop grape

thirsty like the wolf

Saturday usually means Bravo is playing the background as I putter around trying to emerge into the world. As we know, I love me some Housewives and even Rachel Zoe. This Fashion Hunters show, not so sure. But it came on and I was barely paying attention until I heard that they were going to shop AND drink wine. grapefriend was intrigued.

On some consignment scouting trip to the Hamptons, they stopped by Wölffer Estate. Perhaps you think wine from Long Island isn’t good, but happily you’d be wrong. I really love Wölffer rosé, which they were served while sitting by the vineyards. It’s made up of 66% Merlot, 26% Cabernet Franc and 8% Chardonnay – pretty light in color and very dry which isn’t normally my fave style of rosé, but I do like this one.

Also looks like they were being served the Wölffer Big Apple Wine – a wine made out of apple juice! Could be kind of cool, and it’s only $11 so I’d give it a whirl. I’ll pass on that ugly Feretti skirt they scooped up though.


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