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employees who bring you dom

The second annual Champagne Day is October 28. I don’t really know what that means, but as I always say, any of these made-up wine celebration days is ok with me.

So speaking of champagne, it looks like Joey – Rachel Zoe’s makeup artist who she convinced to move to LA while she was pregs – has some good taste in the bub. When she moved into her amazing new gigantic awesome house, he came over and brought a bottle of Dom.

I love Dom. The bubbles are so tiny and perfect, it’s a perfect grape balance of heavy and light, and it’s so elegant on the tongue. Maybe Joey’s housewarming present was a product placement since he really held it up for the cameras, but Dom is my favorite champs and I’d like to just think he has a good palate.

If so, I want to hire Joey except:

1 I’m not moving into a big house

2 I can’t afford a makeup artist

3 I don’t really need a makeup artist

I guess I will just buy my own Dom.

2 thoughts on “employees who bring you dom

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