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hi, sweetie!

Americans apparently are developing a big fat sweet tooth. Not for candy or dessert, but for wine.

Sweet wine trend #1: MOSCATO

Moscato is one of the oldest grapes we know about, but it’s getting some modern love with sales doubling lately. I love a nice Moscato d’Asti after dinner every once in a while as long as it’s not too cloying, but that’s a dessert wine and with these growing sales they’re talking about wine that’s drunk with food, before food or apparently at a club.

Every article about rising Moscato sales talks about how it’s huge in hip hop and references Trey Songz’ “Invented Sex,” where Drake raps about Moscato. I mean, the song came out two years ago  but the video does have almost 7 million views, so who knows.

Apparently most of the wines in these sales (like Barefoot) are under $7. No. Just don’t do that to yourself.

Sweet wine trend #2: RIESLING

Sales of Riesling in the US have gone up 24% in the past year. I’m pretty sure this is due to my Summer of Riesling efforts and grapefriend posts. Not to be outdone by Moscato, some people claim that this is the fastest growing varietal. Make up your mind, people.

I’m sooo tired of people complaining either that Riesling is sweet (it’s not always) or, if they know its variations, that they don’t know if it’ll be sweet or dry. Whatever! Some Sex and the City episodes were funny, some were sad – what’s the problem?

As grapefriend has discussed before, the best Rieslings are a perfect, awesome, “what amazingness is happening on my palate???” combo of sweetness and acid. Unless it’s for dessert, that’s how you do sweet wine – with balance.

Sweet wine trend winner: RIESLING. (Duh.)


3 thoughts on “hi, sweetie!

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  2. Hah, I am definitely guilty of drinking Moscato before dessert, should try and kick that habit. Riesling, I haven’t tried though, but now I definitely will!…And I’ll try to have it with dessert.

    Actually I’m making a cinnamon & plum sauce cheesecake in a few weeks for a dinner. The main course is lamb. Do you have any suggestions for a wine to go with the cheesecake? I think red sangria will be with the starters (seems an odd choice, but red wine & fruit are both recommended with lamb – and I’ve had an almost constant sangria craving since 2011).

    Thanks for another great post 🙂

    • A Cab Franc-based ice wine wouldn’t be bad with a cinnmon-plum cheesecake. You could also do a light sparkling dessert wine like Moscato d’Asti to balance the rich cheesecake… enjoy!

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