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it’s national rosé day!

Hello, National Rosé Day! Although we do drink pink all year round, let’s face it – there’s just more flowing once the weather gets warm. NRD is the second Saturday in June, but I’ll be recommending five of the best I’ve been sipping each month this summer.

Daou Discovery Rosé: This Grenache rosé from Paso Robles is delicious! Ripe tangerine and juicy watermelon with a touch of acidic pink grapefruit to balance out the fruitiness. $19.99 
Château Gassier ‘L’Esprit’ Provence: Had this on a sweltering day outside at Cookshop, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was served frosty, which felt great while we were cooling down, and then developed some pretty delicious ripe strawberry and juicy peach flavors as it warmed up just slightly.  40% Grenache, 31% Syrah, 12% Cinsault, 6% Semillon, 5% Rolle $14.99
Gehricke: Small lot, hand-picked Pinot Noir from Sonoma gives this notes of strawberry and lilac. $29
Château de Berne Romance: A perfect Provencal rosé. Fresh, light, with just enough hint of strawberry. Great for those soon-to-be very hot days (we’ve already had a few in New York!). $15.99
Campo Viejo rosado: packed with watermelon but still light, wonderful with aperitifs. $14 

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