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chardonnay day around the world

There are so many Chardonnays to explore beyond big oaky ones. I tasted around the globe for May 27’s Chardonnay Day and found some really interesting ones! 
Stellenbosch, South AfricaTokara Reserve Chardonnay 2018
White florals and pungent citrus notes. We had this with some Nigerian chicken and coconut rice – delicious! $26
KosovoStone Castle 2018
Owner Rrustem Gecaj left Yugoslavia to escape Communism in the 70s, bought a formerly state-owned winery and created up a good wine rep for the region while also advancing the economy. Their Chardonnay has a pop of lime with slatey minerality and nice acidity. Can’t ask for more at this price! $8.50
Marlborough, New ZealandJules Taylor 2020
Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough is what put New Zealand on the wine map, so I love tasting other varietals from the region since New Zealand has so much great diversity to offer. This Chardonnay has white peach and yellow apples balanced with acidic sour cream. $23
Judean Hills, Israel: Sphera, White Concepts 2018
Sphera produces only white wines, and they seem that focus seems to pay off for them. This Chardonnay is austere and savory, with a touch of minerality. $29
Santa Lucia Highlands, CA: Hahn Estate, Lucienne Lone Oak Chardonnay 2018
Waxy and almost lush yellow apple and orange blossom, with great acidity to balance. As with many SLH Chardonnays, this was nicely restrained. $36
Rully, France: Defaix-Frères premier cru, Les Cloux 2017
A gentle and light and delicate expression of Chardonnay, from a lesser-known but better-value appellation in Burgundy. Apple blossom, white peach with a hint of lemon. $36

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