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perfect your picnic

Most people think picnic and think casual wines. I say, rock the high-low and elevate your basket.

The 166th edition is the latest Krug Grande Cuvée ($159 here). Full of deep brioche, light hazelnuts and fine bubbles, it’s a gorgeous bottle of Champagne.

Champagne is always a blend of wines from three grapes, and this one is made from 45% Pinot Noir, 39% Chardonnay, and 16% Meunier. Wines from 10 different vintages were blended, ranging from 1998 to 2010. Krug strives for harmony, and blending so many vintages lets them fill out the palate with a great balance of flavor.

Wine & Spirits recently named it the #1 sparkling wine in US restaurants, but I say have it outdoors and really perfect your picnicking. You will SO be the envy of any park!


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