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rosé of the week: figuières première

Looking for a go-to summer rosé? This is a contender. With the usual Provençal grapes (50% Mourvèdre, 25% Cinsault, and 25% Grenache), you get that refreshing, easy-drinking, perfect accompaniment to light summer meals. We downed it with grilled shrimp on the deck and not one person was unhappy.

That likely comes from the easy vibe of Figuières. Once they grow and pick their grapes, they don’t like to meddle much more. Organic for almost 40 years, their philosophy is to create the purest wines they can: “guide nature but intervene as little as possible.” This even follows through to their bottle, which is produced with Italian designer Luca Trazzi and blown in extra clear glass to showcase the wine’s color.

Guide nature but intervene as little as possible: shouldn’t that be the motto for kicking it on all summer days?

About $23.



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