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fizzmas: baz, barneys, and a bubbly saber

It’s Fizzmas! We’ll be covering all things bubbly this week so pop your corks and enjoy.

Baz Luhrmann, director of Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, and his costume designer wife Catherine Martin did a collaboration series called Baz Dazzled with Barneys for the holidays. Included are all sorts of things you don’t need but would totally want like a snow globe and gold fur-trim crown topper, but let’s focus on the grapefriendy items!

For a mere $750, you can get this saber inscribed with the words “Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love.”


I learned how to saber last year and it’s SUPER fun. But let’s be honest, for $750, you could buy some sick bottles of bubbly, especially knowing that you can saber a bottle of Champagne with a butter knife. Sabers are really just for dramatic effect, but of course leave it to Luhrmann to go for theatrics.

So once you’ve sabered your bottle, you can keep it icy cold in this Hand-Hammered Silverplate Ice Bucket & Tongs for $715.
And if you’re jumping from party to party, pour a nip into Baz’s brass flask engraved with “Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love”, which is $265.
50377515625% of the sales go to Room to Read, a charity that supports literacy and education gender equality in developing countries. If browsing’s more your thing, you can check out Baz Dazzled decor in the Barneys windows and inside the store during the holidays.

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