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bubbly while waiting, with anna kendrick

Big Kate Spade fan, and love this adorable video they just put out for the holidays. Anna Kendrick plays a ditzy girl who gets locked out of her apartment after a Kate Spade shopping spree, so she puts on a mini fashion show for her dog on the stoop while she waits for keys. Like any good grapefriend, however, she’s also packing a bottle of sparkling wine. What bubbly should the bubble-headed pop? I have a few suggestions, and seeing as Kate Spade is quintessentially American I’m going to go all domestic.

anna kendrick kate spade champagne

Little known fact: Kate Spade was actually going to make a sparkling wine in partnership with Domaine Carneros. It wound up not happening, but you can still enjoy all sorts of bubbly from this great domestic sparkling wine maker. My fave is the Blanc de Noir ($35), and my mom is partial to the blanc de blancs Le Rêve ($99).


Loved the brut naturel from Southold that I tried this summer, and the name La Belle Fille is totally fitting for Anna Kendrick in this video too. $36, here.

kate spade anna kendrick wine

Dundee Hills in Oregon makes great Pinot Noir, so it’s no shocker that their rosé sparkling would be good too. Try Argyle’s, which is 30% Pinot Meunier and 70% Pinot Noir, $50.

The video is also shoppable which is so cool. You can click on lots of the items in the video and they’ll drop it into a shopping cart for you to buy. I would’ve added the following champagne-y Kate Spade things to the mix, so that Anna can accessorize her fizz and ditch the straw.


You don’t always have to serve bubbly in flutes or coupes. These golden bubble glasses would be awesome. $50 for two.


Then, put them on these sparkly coasters. $35


Gotta have a cute bucket to keep it all cool. This one’s $298.


And if you have any money left over after buying so much bubbly, you can keep it in this cute coin purse. $34





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