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scandal wine recap: songs in the key of wine

This is totally a day delayed because I suck. Abby was fully at the ready and I’ll let her take it from here!

The last Scandal of 2014 really packed in a lot of lip quivering, Shonda-style dramatic dialogue, talk of both Vermont and the sun, and of course…wine. We even came full circle as we’re now back to wondering #WhereIsOliviaPope?

wine moment #1


Suck it, Eric Asimov! Scandal DOES have ritual-loving wine geeks!

Suck it, Eric Asimov! Scandal DOES have ritual-loving wine geeks!

We all knew Papa Pope wasn’t really gone for good. Nope, instead he’s opening and indulging in a certainly fine wine in Olivia’s apartment where they end up in a monologue-off that culminates with Liv trying to shoot her dad with his own (not loaded) gun. That guy is always a step ahead. Must be something in the wine! And for a raging sociopath, he also has great taste in music. “Songs in the Key of Life” is one of my favorites too.

scandal songs in the key of life

grapefriend wine recommendation: Oh yes, love me some Stevie! Gotta go with a wine that has some earthy funk – perfect pairing for Cab Franc from the Loire. It’s all about that funk – I don’t usually love it actually, which makes it even better as a pairing for Papa Pope, even though I did feel a tinge bad for him that his own daughter was going to shoot him. I mean, that’s just never fun.

the wine moment that should have been

Lizzie Bear leaks the photos of Cy and Michael and a sex scandal is born. “Chief of Staffs” could definitely have been a NY Post headline! Liv convinces Cy that he is nobody’s bitch so he and Michael get engaged to squash the story. Congrats you two (I guess)—let’s pop some bottles!

grapefriend wine recommendation: Congrats! Pop some Champagne, which is the blending of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (also Pinot Meunier, but we’ll stick to just a two-grape blend for the potential marriage).

wine moment #2


It’s taken four seasons and so many pristine white coats, but a glass of wine (gasp!) has finally been spilled. Liv giddily (and maybe drunkenly) welcomes Jake into her pad where she’s armed with two bottles of that rare fake wine from the island, imported beer for Jake, Gettysburger, and a Dolly Madison pizza. There will be music and there will be dancing. Liv also has her very own Kelly Taylor moment where she chooses herself, but then also tears Jake’s shirt off. Kelly did not do that with Brandon and Dylan! But while Jake leaves the room to get a blanket for piano sex, Liv is kidnapped. We all know she would NEVER spill a glass of wine unless she was under duress. This all ties back to the conspiracy involving the VP who I think we can safely say is NOT a grapefriend.

grapefriend wine recommendation: Oh no oh no oh NO! Wine down! They were drinking that dumb fake du Bellay, but should’ve been popping something real and something mindblowing. Hmmm, who would drink a wine like that? Oh I know – Zac Posen!

zac posen lafite

The Bordeaux premier cru Lafite is probably one of the best wines in the world. So jealous. But then Zac liked two of my wine photos on Insta. It didn’t do much to lessen my grape jealousy, but did make me like him more.

So until we meet again and figure out how Jake and Fitz are going to work together to save Liv, enjoy the holidays and many fine grapes!


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