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merry fizzmas!

For our final Fizzmas fizz, we have some amazing vintage rosé Champagne. Super delicate bubbles and delicious dried, minerally strawberry.

For our dinner we have the Italian feast of the seven fishes. We had the amazing Sanct Valentin Sauvignon from St Michael Eppan (obsessed with the crisp whites from Alto Adige) for the first course. The crown was my nephew’s festive touch.

Then Puligny-Montrachet with lobster (we always do a white burgundy with the main course).

Last but not least, a delicious and completely non-cloying 1995 Far Niente “Dolce” late harvest dessert wine with the gingerbread cake.

Merry Christmas, grapefriends! Hope everyone had a great day and drank well with people you love.


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