getting your grape on

getting your grape on: november

We just had a Thanksgiving edition one so I’ll keep this (sort of) short of sweet. Here were my fave tagged pics last month:

Haven’t ever had this wine but have heard it’s great, and here was further proof:photo 1 (2)

Kerin, love the pic but hate the hashtag! You need to become a Giants fan, despite that they’re sucking this season. Eli loves wine!photo 1 (4) I see a lot of people drinking wine while watching The Following. Don’t know the connection, but I like it. photo 2 (4) My very first piece of grapefriend fan art. Hey, flattered. photo 3 (3) Ooooh Alamos. reminds me of my trip to Catena in Argentina last month : ))))photo 3 (4) So scared (rest assured, she survived):photo 4 (3) Love pairing wine with song lyrics. And UB40 was the second concert I ever went to (Van Halen was the first). photo 4 (4) This is like winter perfection to me:photo 5 (3) Should be an every night treat – always treat yourself well!photo 1 (3)

See what I mean?

photo 1

Only way to watch the game:photo 1 Obv, grapefriend loves this. Anything pop culture + wine is a good time. photo 2 (2)Sauced on the sauce:photo 2 Just thought this was a cool pic:photo 3 (2) I dig a good German Riesling taste off. photo 3 Pretty pic, and yummy too:photo 4 (2)

Speaking of yummy, this grapefriend was bummed I didn’t include her last month so I am now – love the passion!

photo (1)

Passion Moment #2: this girl is studying how to make wine at Cornell! Super exciting to see grapefriend hands and brains at work…

photo 5

And Passion Moment #3: these sisters told me they get mildly jealous if I comment on one pic and not the other’s. So I’m featuring them both and will let them duke it out! Also, the dog is named Napa. Too cute!

photo 4

photo 3

Oh yeah. Housewives and wine always!photo 4

But if your technology breaks down, Aretha and Otis will keep you company.

photo 2

So pretty! She said it was at Opolo Winery in Paso Robles. photo 5 (2) All about Montel now:photo 5

OK, grapefriends, getting prepped for the holiday festivities and all they’ll bring to our glasses! The 12 Days of Fizzmas begins mid-month, and I expect a lot of bubbly. Tag me @grapefriend on Twitter and Instagram when you got yours. And have fun!


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