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The Oakland Raiders are not very good. But maybe it’s not a sieve-like run defense or an indecisive and largely injured O-line. Maybe it’s just that their training camp is in Napa (I MEAN, AMAAAAAAZING) and these guys couldn’t care less about games over grapes.

E.W. McGah co-founded the Raiders in 1960. His son Eddie played on the Boston Red Sox, and the grandson was a defensive assistant and scout for the Raiders. They gave up their stake in the Raiders in 2005, because why would you need to own a football team when you have a winery to take care of???

They now oversee McGah Family Cellars in Rutherford, Napa and make a small amount of crispy tart green apple 1070 Sauvignon Blanc ($25) and a Scarlett Cab ($60) which is blackberried with an impressive amount of acid. (And if you buy two bottles of the Cab you get the Sav Blanc for free, which is pretty cool.) I love the label on the Scarlett, which reminded me of “Scarlet Begonias, tucked into her curls” even though it was actually named after the great grand-daughter (“it seldom turns out the way it does in the song”…).

mcgah raiders wine

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PPS don’t forget about our other gridiron grapefriends! Tons of players and ex-coaches are now all up in the grape:


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