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throwback thursday: the league (and wine)

I love The League. Not only does it illustrate the ridiculous obsession many of us have with fantasy football, it’s also completely hilarious. So during this Football Week, lets take a look at some of their most grapefriendy moments.

1 Remember this Taco venture? 3 Penis wine is made from the penises of a deer, dog, and a snake. Uh, just watch it.

2 Katie’s a grapefriend, but like in real life. She was recently at the release party for Saved Wines (a venture between Wild Horse’s winemaker who is awesome and tattoo artist Scott Campbell). Love it.

credit: donato sardella, wwd

credit: donato sardella, wwd

3 The Shiva Bowl shuffle is classic. And its most grapefriendy lyric: “He likes fine wine and risotto with truffles, and now he’s doing the Shiva Bowl Shuffle!” Oh do you like fine wine, Ruxin? Well then let’s get you one that goes with risotto and truffles.  An earthy, mushroomy Nebbiolo or Burgundy would be great for celebrating another Shiva Bowl win.

shiva bowl shuffle

You know I’ll be watching for more wine moments during the new season, which starts October 6. Cheers, Leaguers!


6 thoughts on “throwback thursday: the league (and wine)

  1. I was a fan before. You know that. However, combining wine with football has rocketed you into blog stardom in my eyes.

    PS – I love Taco….

  2. I’ve been a fan of the show for a long time. Without trying to phrase this as a leading question, what did you think of last season?

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