heathers lunchtime poll

heathers lunchtime poll: sing with your supper!

heathers-lunchtime-poll-veronica-jdIt’s Wine Week over on Salted & Styled, the food blog I do wine pairings for. But what does grapefriend write about when it’s a whole week devoted to my favorite topic? I was given some creative freedom, though of course I wanted to keep it food-centric. So I started thinking about food and wine pairings, and how to make those combo’s relatable. So I figured classic pairings deserve some classic songs to go with them.

You can read all the details here, but since it’s lunchtime that means one thing: a Heathers Lunchtime Poll! What food/wine/song pairing would you most want?

And head over to Salted & Styled for more Wine Week fun!


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