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mad men wine count: grapiest moments

Well, we didn’t have a drop of wine on the finale (boooooo) but we still beat last year’s count! Season 5’s total glasses was 22, and this season clocked in at 23. Eh, we only got one more glass, but I’ll take it. Plus, last season was more about having wine at dinners out, and this season we saw it a lot more frequently at home – pretty much only thanks to French-Canadian Megan being part of Don’s home life, but still interesting. Here were my fave grapey moments from Season 6!

1 our official Mad Men grapefriend did a full tour de France 

megan drinking

Throughout the season, Megan drank Chablis, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Beaujolias, Cote Rotie – really proving why she nabbed the illustrious title last season.

2 we got Lancer’s and Blue Nun

MM lancers

blue nun

3 Sylvia calls Don out on his bluff to split a bottle of wine

MM sylvia call out

Click here to see the scene.

4 Marie is basically the snarkiest grapefriend ever

First she wants to use her Beaujolais Blanc to hit the moronic Jaguar wife over the head

Then she drinks Pinot straight from the bottle.

marie drinking

And I think we all agree with this:

MManother drink

5 Don drank wine!!!

MM Don

Anyway, the amount of wine drinking was all pretty accurate in terms of how wine was making its way into the drinking culture of this country in the late 60s. And it’s been super fun documenting it here and and on Bon Appetit and Cosmo too! We didn’t get any American grapes, but maybe Mondavi will make its debut next season!


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