cocktail friend: the town & country

Love bourbon, so any good cocktail made with it usually makes me happy. This one’s delicious and a little sweet – though not overly so – due to said bourbon and some maple and country cocktail

photo 1Such a pretty party for the launch last night!photo 3


11 thoughts on “cocktail friend: the town & country

  1. I’m a HUGE Bourbon fan. If you want to try something awesome, try what’s called Manhattan Italiano: Bourbon + Cardamaro. Cardamaro is a great Amaro. Make it a little more interesting and add a splash of Ginger Beer.

      • Yeah, you can really use any amaro you’d like. Cardamaro happens to be not so much sweeter, but less bitter than others. It’s similar to Miletti or Montenegro if you’re familiar, but you can also add some nice lemon zest to cut it down to little bit of sweetness.

  2. At least they used good bourbon. Could make a huge diff in the recipe otherwise. Interesting cocktail!

  3. Hmmm…I wonder what that would be like with Cabin Fever (Maple flavored whiskey). Ohhh, and you could use barrel aged maple syrup too! Yum. Might have to give that a try.

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