grape juice

catch the spirit, not the wine

friends-just-wineSo here’s a fun one for Friday: Spirit Airlines is now serving wine in a can. It’s from some wine company called Friends Just Wine. As if canned wine doesn’t sound bad enough, it comes in barfy flavors like Grape Melon (um, yeah, all wine is “grape”) and Strawberry Moscato.

Apparently cans are easier to stack and weigh less than mini-bottles so they’re good for airlines. Still, if all you’re offering passengers is wine in a can or mini’s of Sutter Home (literally Spirit’s other option), you’re not flying the grapefriendly skies.

Also, I’m FULLY confused why “We Are the Champions” plays when you go to the Friends Just Wine site.

Anyway, it’s called Spirit Airlines and I’d stick to just that – spirits – or nothing at all.


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