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mad men wine: we have a new hero

It makes sense that Marie is my new hero, since she gave birth to Megan, the Official Mad Men Grapefriend. She may have just usurped the title though.

First, we get both mom and daughter having Jadot Beaujolais Blanc at dinner. About 99% of Beaujolais is red and made from Gamay grapes, but the Blanc versions are made from Chardonnay and some Aligote. photo 1

Then when the moronic Jaguar woman at the table gets to be too much for Marie, she actually devises a wine-plan to get rid of her:

And THEN we get her opening a bottle of red while she has to hear Megan and Don getting it on. Label just says “Pinot Noir” so we can assume it’s Burgundy since I’m sure she only drinks French – it’s  not like they were making Pinot in the Willamette Valley in 1968. photo 4

And THEN she just drinks it straight from the bottle after the Roger phone call. Famazing.photo 3
@moryan Done. on Twitpic

And that was it – merci, Marie! Let’s all live by your words of French wisdom:

photo 2

(PS I totally had a dream last night that they ended the episode with a shot of a wine label that became animated and told some character’s backstory. I am a freak!)

Mad Men season 6 wine count: 16 + 3 = 19

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13 thoughts on “mad men wine: we have a new hero

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  2. Also, hero-worship worthy, Marie telling Rodger, “You are speaking slowly so that I will understand? Lose. My. Number.” That’s quoted from memory, and likely not precise, but still fantastic!

  3. Your’s is such an amazing blog! And even though I haven’t gotten to this season of Mad Men yet, I can totally see myself loving it. Nicely done. And thanks for visiting. 🙂

  4. Never watched Mad Men *hanging head in fake shame* but I love the fact that they’re pushing wine as much as martinis!!

    As for myself, I enjoy a lightly chilled pinot noir with a cassoulet, a fruity beaujolais with roasted chicken and potatoes, and a blackberry sort of cab franc with a steak and blue cheese but just for drinking? Pinot Grigio. One can have so much fun with a crisp, apple-y pinot grigio. Sigh.

    May have to sell blood to buy wine…

    • Haha well I wouldn’t say AS much as the cocktails they drink but it’s definitely had more of a presence as it did in real life starting in the late 60s… Cheers!

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