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chanel gives good grape at dinner

CHANEl daliThe Chanel Culture exhibit opened in Paris yesterday. It’s a collection of art, photos, and objects that inspired Coco Chanel’s work, like this Essence of Dali photo at the right.

So Chanel hosted a dinner to give some media people a sneak peek of the show on Friday and Leah, the Beauty Director at Cosmo, was one of them. Clearly her job sucks. And since everyone at that dinner was probably so miserable being in Paris and looking at all these cool artworks, Chanel at least served some killer wine to ease the blow.

First they got this Condrieu. Dying. Condrieu is an area in the northern Rhone that only makes white wine from Viognier, which to me is like Paris in liquid form. The perfume off of Viognier is always elegant and gorgeous white florals. The fruit is delicate and it’s just perfection in spring. chanel condrieu

So after Leah sent me that pic, she then lays this whopper on me:photo 2

Château Rauzan-Ségla is a second growth Bordeaux in the Margaux appellation, and it’s a blend of mostly Cab and Merlot. This red makes total sense at the Chanel dinner because in 1994 the estate was sold to the Wertheimer family, who owns Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld even designed a label for the 2009 vintage. I told Leah to impress her dinner guests with this grapey fact.

Anyway, I’m not jealous of Leah’s weekend at all or anything. Not at all. Bien fait, Chanel.


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