cocktail friend: the seersucker julep

I’ve never watched the Kentucky Derby in my life, but who am I to not acknowledge an event that has a special cocktail! Also, people wear hats. So it’s good all around.

The cocktail of choice at the racetrack is the mint julep. Being a classic southern cocktail, it’s no surprise that the amazing Seersucker restaurant in Brooklyn posted this gem on Instagram. They often post things that make me salivate (molasses butter and biscuits, ahem), but this is the first liquid one I want. kentucky derby mint julep

I asked them what their recipe was and they said: Elijah Craig bourbon, mint, and Dutch’s Colonial Bitters. A traditional julep has sugar too, but I say kudos to Seersucker for not adding any since bourbon is pretty sweet on its own. And the bitters are a cool twist.

BTW, isn’t julep a cool word? I feel like it should be used for someone who’s sweet (usage: “She made me a fresh cocktail, isn’t she a real julep?”).


6 thoughts on “cocktail friend: the seersucker julep

  1. Excellent little post! I made my way here after noticing you liked a couple of my blog posts and I’m glad I did. I like your articles and I look forward to browsing through them… especially if they’re like the Mad Men Old Fashioned one and this one!

    • Cool – I do cocktails every once in a while under the Cocktail Friend tab though grapefriend is primarily wine. Lots of Mad Men stuff though! Cheers!

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