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mad men wine: the adventure starts anew

“You don’t know how to drink. Your whole generation, you drink for the wrong reasons. My generation we drink because it’s good. Because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar. Because we deserve it. We drink because it’s what men do.”

– roger sterling

In a world where cocktails ruled, where wine was treated like early-days Peggy Olson, where no grapefriend would ever want to live: I give you the second season of the Mad Men Wine Count! Last season, we tallied a total of 22 glasses of wine, most drunk by Megan, our Official Mad Men Grapefriend (OMMG). Will she have more of a grape effect on the sad souls in her midst this season? Let’s analyze everyone’s grapefriendiness – and therefore whose life will be happy in Season 6 – based on the promo photos:

mad men wineRoger and Don, still with the cocktails. Joan and Pete, champers and wine. Symbolically, younger Joan and Pete are adapting to the new generation of drinkers and therefore will have an edge in the drunken business lunch game.

mad men wine girlsBetty has lost her weight (thank god, boringest storyline ever). With wine in hand, though, I hope we don’t now just replace that with an AA storyline. Our OMMG Megan also sips the wine – obvs. Sally, no drink: she’s underage but there’s some young-Drew-Barrymore potential in her.

mad men peggyPeggy: no drink at all. Interesting. She’s been more of a hard-liquor girl, Don-style. But she did celebrate her new gig with a glass of Champagne by herself. She obviously wants to defy the guys and be a grapefriend, but she’s conflicted.

mad men wine guysThe guys: all cocktail. Step it up, dudes.

mad men girls wine

And now all four women – BAM BAM BAM! Wine all around (and Joan’s champers, which half-counts). GRAPE IT UP, LADIES!!! Is drinking really just what men do, Roger? Oh, I think not. These promo photos are basically just like pre-season football where nothing counts toward actual scores, but are just indications of what’s to come. Let this season’s games begin Sunday night!

PS – lest we forget why the 60’s were definitely cocktail culture and no one was really drinking wine, read this. There’s an actual reason and it’s not that Matt Weiner wants to torture me.

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4 thoughts on “mad men wine: the adventure starts anew

  1. Betty always looks so pissed off…apparently she needs to step it up and drink something a little stiffer. I wouldn’t think you’d want her as your grapefriend anyway…LOVE Mad Men…some brilliant writing there!

    • Exactly – I didn’t love Megan in the beginning of last season but she really does love the grape so I had to change my stance. maybe if Betty keeps drinking wine she’ll be nicer!

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