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drink me: trust riesling

trust rieslinggrape: Riesling

producer: Trust Cellars

country: USA

region: Walla Walla, Washington – newly obsessed with wines from here. Had dinner with three winemakers from there and not only do they have good wine they are hilarious.

year: 2011

yum factors: I got Gonzaga going all the way in my March Madness bracket. Yeah, that’s right, I said Gonzaga. I go bold in my bracket and my drinking: we popped this cold Riesling on a snowy NYC night and it was fantastic. Great yellow apple and a tiny bit of white peach, plus just a hint of sweetness that went great with our mildly spicy Middle Eastern feast.

price: $16 (amazing price for this)

buy it: here

PS  The WA winemakers were talking about Gonzaga at dinner. Figured that’s a good a reason as any to choose them going all the way, right? Yeah, I’m totally blaming them if I lose my bracket.

PPS I know nothing about basketball. If you couldn’t tell.


7 thoughts on “drink me: trust riesling

  1. Being from Spokane, Wa, I love this!!! I’m no basketball fan myself, though my sister is, and she’s Gonzaga alum. Pretty great what they’ve done. And Washington Rieslings are always something to write about! Cheers!

  2. Walla Walla wines are fantastic, definitely, because most wineries source their grapes from the Yakima Valley! There is not a lot of land dedicated to cultivating vines in Walla Walla. You should get your hands on some Washington state Syrah… you might pass out from happiness.

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