heathers lunchtime poll

heathers lunchtime poll: spring drankin’

heathers-lunchtime-poll-veronica-jd It may not feel like it, but it’s official today: SPRING. IS. HERE.

photoI ordered a Sancerre a few weeks ago with some oysters, and my friend was like, “I can’t believe you’re ordering a white in the winter.” Please. I pop white and rosé based on mood and food all year round. I think I actually drank more white this winter than red, though possibly just because bars in NYC pump up the heat in winter and grapefriend gets really hot.

Anyway, I figured I’d take it to a poll to see what everyone else wants to drink now that today’s officially spring. Plus I haven’t done a Heathers Lunchtime Poll in a while and Heather Chandler was getting really bossy about it.  #myriad


7 thoughts on “heathers lunchtime poll: spring drankin’

  1. Beer plays a large roll in our spring/summer beverage consumption – it does to some extent in the other seasons too. It is all in the moment, food, friends, temps, and, of course, availability in our tiny burg.

  2. although I admit to rhoditis when it is nice enough to sit outside at my favorite Greek restaurant. The tangy wine with the rich flavors… a sip of wine, a bite of lamb, a sip of wine, a grape leaf…. yummm

  3. While I do prefer a nice heavy red in the winter and cool crisp white in the summer I also don’t live by the “wine rules”. My winter was filled with some chilled whites next to a roaring fire (and reds, and margaritas, and martinis).

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