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new mexican wine mystery

gruet saint vincent sparkling roséSo last night I was at the Mermaid Inn Oyster Bar where they have Happy Hour – $6 wine by the glass. They had a Pinot Grigio from Veneto (not my fave), Pinot Noir from Chile (not with oysters), and a sparkling rosé from New Mexico. Obv, I had to give the NM wine a whirl. I thought for sure it would be Gruet, which is a sparkling wine producer in New Mexico that I’ve had before. But the bartender popped open the bottle and it had a pink label that said it was Domaine Saint Vincent.

This girl next to me was dubious but we both ordered it and tried it. Too sweet for her, but I dig a ruby/rosado style of rosé as we’re all fully aware of after Rosé Week. It was 100% Pinot Noir which means (say it with me) it’s a Blanc de Noirs. Pretty decent, very fresh raspberry flavor and an ok dose of acid. The mousse wasn’t very elegant, but I find that with many American sparklers. For $15 a bottle (and $6 a glass) you can’t complain too much. I actually liked it better than the non-rosé Gruet.

Anyway, I posted the picture on Facebook and Grapenut had to get all up in my business and say that he liked Gruet, to which I replied that it was Saint Vincent. He then upped me by saying he thought it was somehow related to Gruet, and of course once I did some digging he was right – it’s their second label. In Bordeaux, a second label is made from lesser barrels and sold for less money than a winery’s grand vin. People say Saint Vincent’s the cheap entry-level wine but it’s not any cheaper than Gruet Brut which sells for $14.

In any case, I probably wouldn’t choose to pair sparkling rosé with oysters – to me, regular brut is a perfection pairing. But I was talking so much I forgot to order oysters anyway! The goldfish were a fine substitute.


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