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the adventures of grapenut!

Grapefriends: meet grapenut! He likes wine, he likes fun and he likes torturing grapefriend when he’s in wine country and she isn’t. I get multiple daily texts all about the wineries he’s visiting and wines he’s drinking accompanied by notes like this:

“In Glen Ellen, Sonoma today over my cousin’s and had a Pine Ridge Cab 01, Migration 09 Russian River Chard, Migration 08 Russian River Pinot Noir and Siduri Hirsch Vineyards 07 PN. Bombing in Sonoma!!! Gonna send you more pics ta really piss you off. Grape Anger! Take care lovely lady”

And then I get pics:

"clos du val"

"rochioli - money pinot"

"a gentle crush"

"cornhole at paraduxx"

That last one really irked me because I love cornhole!

Anyway, stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “the adventures of grapenut!

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