happy happy hour!

happy torture times two happy hour

So my other friend Berger is in Napa this weekend too, and now he’s sending me torturous texts and pictures of what he’s drinking. What’s a grapefriend to do stuck in snowy New York? At least it’s happy hour.

Grapenut who you met earlier today gave me winery suggestions for Berger. But then Berger said he got me a little present! But then grapenut called and asked what kind of grapey gifts I want, so this weekend is really looking up for an armchair drinker like myself!

So Berger’s at Regusci Winery right now, drinking this Merlot which he describes as “dusty boysenberry merges with ripe plum and swirls of roasted coriander.” I’m pretty sure he cribbed that from the menu but I’d be so proud if he came up with it on his own.

and the deathblow is delivered to grapefriend


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