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rosé week – it’s here! it’s here!

rose wineIt has been a ROUGH month – the rosé sampling required for grapefriend to do Rosé Week is just exhausting! The things I go through to bring you good info.

But obviously, I freaking love rosé. I read that other people love it because it’s décontractée, which means laid back and casual. Like you’re drinking it in the summer, at a lunch on the beach and preferably in the south of France. How chi chi of them. I love it because it’s just really yummy and refreshing.

jessica alba rose wine

the rosé almost matches her bikini

About 10% of the world’s wine production is rosé, and that might rise since people are drinking wayyy more of it every year (for actual stats, see the Marie Claire article I did – gotta get technical for their smart ladies). Clearly, people really like this stuff. Even celebrities – this month alone I saw Anjelica Huston (in NYC) and Lauren Ambrose (in the Berkshires) both drinking rosé, and Jessica Alba was shot sipping it on the Amalfi Coast.

If you’re not a roséfriend yet, let me kick off this week by telling you why it’s awesome:

  1. It’s a refreshing way to drink wine that’s weightier than white in the heat
  2. It’s cheap – you can easily find delicious bottles around $10
  3. Lots of the labels are fun and funky (yes, this a totally valid reason to drink wine)
  4. Phenomenal with BBQ and spicy food – try it with ribs, sushi, Indian food
  5. You know the Grateful Dead song “Run for the Roses”? Well did you know that Jerry Garcia wanted to call it “Run for the Rosés”? I bet you didn’t since I just made that up. But it would’ve been cool.

So all week long we’re gonna rock rosé – learning how it’s made, what grapes are lucky enough to get turned into it, and of course tons of awesome bottles from all over the world to go drink up. And don’t forget :

yes you can drink rose and still be a badass


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